Electricity Storage

Electricity storage is at the heart of the energy transition and continues to gain momentum globally. The transformation of power networks, pushed by the electrification of energy systems, requires additional electricity storage capacities to address new flexibility needs of electric grids. Electricity storage is also needed for many new applications and uses, such as the development of renewable energy. The demand for batteries is accelerating to meet the strong growth of electric vehicles. Current research is very focused on electrochemical storage technologies, and a wide range of battery technologies are investigated for the automotive and home applications, and for utility-scale storage. Among storage technologies, the growth of lithium-ion batteries faces several challenges, including a potential shortage of natural resources and somewhat constrained CO2 emissions reduction benefits.

Electricity Storage FactBook

This academically reviewed FactBook by the A.T. Kearney Energy Transition Institute, “Electricity Storage,” captures the status of storage technologies and future developments in electricity storage. It details the main technological hurdles and areas for research and development, as well as analyzes the economics of a range of technologies.
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Natural Resources and CO2: Hazards Ahead for Battery Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles now exceed 2 million globally, just 0.2 percent of the more than 1 billion vehicles on highways worldwide. The global electric vehicle (EV) market is on the cusp of exponential growth as it aligns with government mandates to reduce CO2 emissions by replacing combustion engine vehicles with cleaner alternatives. Yet, as carmakers gear up to electrify their fleets, they face challenges to secure supplies of raw materials used for battery production and to prove the environmental benefits of a lifecycle perspective. This paper examines some of the obstacles when designing an energy-transition strategy for the electric mobility market.
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